A Quick Overlook of Rentals – Your Cheatsheet

All About Cell Tower Leasing A cell tower company is..

A Quick Overlook of Rentals – Your Cheatsheet

All About Cell Tower Leasing

A cell tower company is usually a company that provides a tower for cell phone providers. Increased cell towers means better cell coverage for customers. Cell towers can be shared by two or three companies.

Cell tower lease consultant is a person who will help guide you before leasing your land to a wireless company or even a tower lease. The cell tower lease consultant is an experienced negotiator of cell tower leases because they understand how much they are worth.

To avoid any headaches when getting into a cell tower lease agreement, involve a cell tower landlord advocate. Property owners should take advantage of advocates who know the laws concerning cell towers in different regions.

If you receive rent money for a cell tower placed in your property, you are a cell tower lease landlord A good location for a cell tower is what attracts cell tower companies.

If a wireless company agrees to pay the property owner one lump sum, then this is called a lease buyout.
Valuation means considering what the current price of a cell tower lease is, the value of your property and location of the intended cell tower. Only through a valuation can both parties in a cell tower agreement get what they deserve.

A contract is a written agreement between the leasing company and the property owner. Once a cell tower is placed, there will be certain stipulations for a property owner that a consultant can help a property owner understand.

Lease renewal means that the current contract is over so there is a chance of signing another lease. Consultants ensure that property owners get good value for leased properties during lease renewals.

Annual escalators means that every year property owners get a rent percentage pay that takes inflation into account instead of term escalators which could mean one percentage for four years.

In order to improve network, cell tower companies do rooftop cell site upgrades. Any changes to rooftop cell sites should be submitted through drawings to property owners. Cell tower companies must submit consent letters to property owners before they can proceed with any rooftop cell site upgrades.

Protect your interests by consulting your advocate during the drawing of the contract and when there are consent letters to sign. Don’t think that you don’t have options when a cell tower company comes knocking but stay open to other options. Rent payment methods vary so choose a method that you are comfortable with instead of being forced into a buyout if you don’t want a buyout. Property owners benefit more through annual payment terms instead of term escalators.

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