The Ultimate Guide to Reading

3 Care Tips to Keep Your Reading Glasses Damage Free..

The Ultimate Guide to Reading

3 Care Tips to Keep Your Reading Glasses Damage Free

Frequently replacing sets of damaged glasses? Because they’re so flimsy and prone to damage, keeping a pair of glasses can be a whole lot harder than many of us think. In fact, statistics have found that people who need prescription eyewear spend upwards of a thousand dollars every year on replacements. Now, if you’re tired of buying a new pair of glasses every time, this list is for you. Find out three easy, inexpensive, and doable methods for caring for your reading glasses and keep them damage-free and pristine for many years to come.

1. Stop Buying the Cheapest Frames – While this first one might not seem like a care tip, it will help you choose a pair of glasses that will successful stand up against the onslaught of wear, tear, and time. The reason why some glasses break so easily is because they’re not really designed to be the most durable they can be. So before you buy those cheap lenses that seem like such a good deal now, consider how you might have to replace them not soon after because of their flimsy design. Splurge a little on your next prescription eyewear so they stand up a little more reliably against wear and tear.

2. Use the Case – Your glasses probably come along with a hard case that you can use to bring them around safely when they’re not in use wherever you go. So don’t overlook that humble hard case! To keep your glasses safe from damage, make it a habit to put them in the hard case whenever you have to. This way, you can be sure that your specs are in a place that won’t risk scratches or breakage.

3. Practice Utmost Care – Always keep in mind that glasses are naturally flimsy and fragile, and any minor damage they sustain now will translate to serious damage later on. So just as you would care for anything that’s prone to damage, so too should you watch out when handling your reading glasses. Try not to bend the temples too much, be wary of the nose pads, and make sure you only use approved lens cloths and not just anything that could cause abrasion. By keeping these simple practices in mind, you can prevent a lot of the minor damages that turn into big irreparable issues later on.

Your glasses are an investment so treat them like they are! Keep these three easy tips in mind the next time you pull those lenses out to make sure they last longer than your last pair. And if you do find a need to replace them, make sure you invest and splurge on your next pair for a longer lasting experience.

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