A Quick Rundown of Carpets

TYPES OF CARPET CLEANING. The fabric used as a floor..

A Quick Rundown of Carpets


The fabric used as a floor covering is a carpet. In the olden days, carpet piles were made from wool, but synthetic fibers are used today. Spreading carpets in your home has many advantages. Generally, people use carpets to shield their feet against the cold concrete floor or tiles, to make a room more comfortable and for aesthetic purposes. This is so because there different colors, patterns and decorations one can buy.

With time, carpets collect a lot of dust, dirt, stains, and germs. Clean carpets are attractive, hygienic to the user and they last longer. Dirty carpets interfere with the feel of the room because they may even emit bad smells. Thus, cleaning carpets is very important and the carpet cleaning method you chose has a great impact on your carpet.

Choosing the most suitable method for the fibers of your carpet is very important. The hot water extraction method can be used in cleaning most of the carpets, but if your carpet releases dyes, the dry cleaning is the most suitable method to use. You can determine the right method to use through a fiber burn or chemical test. Even though there are many carpet cleaning techniques that one can use, you should first vacuum the carpet before cleaning it. Some techniques of carpet cleaning include; steam cleaning, dry cleaning, shampooing, foaming and bonnet cleaning.

Steam cleaning method is very effective and it is normally used in homes with people having allergies. This method uses machines which extract dirt by mixing hot water with a detergent solution. The dry cleaning method is suitable for people who don’t want to wait for the carpet to dry. This method uses, a specific powder that is worked over the carpet and the carpet gets vacuumed to remove the powder and the dirt.

The Shampooing carpet cleaning method involves the use of detergents and a carpet cleaning machine. Detergents are then smeared over the carpet, and a machine works on the carpet by mixing it with the detergents. Vacuuming of the carpet helps in extracting the detergents. The function of deodorizers and brighteners is to clean and brighten your carpet.

The foaming carpet cleaning technique uses the dry cleaning and shampooing carpet cleaning methods. Less amounts of water are used in this method to quicken the drying process. The foam detergent helps in cleaning the carpet and it is removed together with the dirt.

Bonnet carpet cleaning is mostly used in business and factories. This method aims at restoring the appearance of the carpet as it uses detergents and a rotary carpet cleaning machine, to extract dirt from the carpet.

Carpet cleaning on your own is not as effective as hiring carpet cleaners to do it. Hiring professional carpet cleaners like orange county carpet cleaners have many advantages.
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