Learn about Jim Plante and His Work

What if there was a way to live well longer?..

Learn about Jim Plante and His Work

What if there was a way to live well longer? Imagine if older generations were able to live longer and remain independent. For many the worry is cancer or keeping the heart and kidneys healthy and functioning. Klotho Therapeutics (KTI) is a way to use biotechnology to mimic human protein. Simply, a new way to age.

Jim Plante Background

As an investor and leader in technology, Jim Plante’s efforts have allowed companies to reach top positions in their specific fields. Jim has a degree in Electrical Engineering which allows him to focus on biotechnology and technology industries. He was a key player in the acquisition of Beltronics at the age of 30. He served as interim president of Beltronics and was involved in bringing new innovative product lines to the forefront which allowed that company to be back in the green.

Jim served as the co-founder and CEO of E-Band Communications. During that time, they launched the very first multigigabit capacity 7080 GHz band communications link.

Later, in 2004 Jim Plante founded a company by the name of SmartDrive Systems. They lead the charge for an innovative program for SAAS commercial vehicle safety. The system allowed drivers and vehicles to be monitored in real time. The company grew and was able to add over 400 employees to its workforce.

Then, in 2008 he founded Pathway Genomics. This is where advanced genetic testing takes place. His passion for genetic testing sparked 30 years ago when his family was touched by kidney disease. This is where Klotho Therapeutics comes in.

Kidney Disease

Klotho Therapeutics is focused on kidney disease as well as other major diseases. KTI can start human trials within the next two years. The first indication is to slow kidney disease progression. Today, there are approximately 40 million patients per year impacted by kidney disease. Sadly, 600,000 of those are on dialysis. This is just is in the United States alone. Jim has been passionate about finding affordable genetic testing since he found out that his father had polycystic kidney disease which is a genetic disorder. This was 30 years ago when testing for diseases was not common. His condition was not caught soon enough to put to delay kidney failure. This is when Jim made a commitment to work at ensuring that genetic testing be available for people to see if the disorders could be passed on to children.